Our Journey so far..

In 2007, Vidyadhaara took its first step when some residents of Ferns Paradise community came together to teach children of construction workers, under the gazebo of our layout’s park. But what really propelled us to get involved with more children were the following requests by a child we knew and a teacher from the Doddanekundi Government School:

“Aunty, can I  come to your house every evening? I will sit there quietly, finish my homework and study for two hours. There’s too much noise in my house.“

“Madam,  will you be able to help a student who has scored 85% in SSLC to study further? Her family is unwilling to support her due to financial constraints” 

It was then that we, few friends who were inclined to support these needy children came together to make a difference to their lives .  Thus, Vidyadhaara Foundation was born. As the name suggests, the focus is on academic support for underprivileged children.

In 2017, we got formally registered and now we are 80G certified.

Here are some of our endeavors

Year 2015 onwards…..

  • Helped  11 students financially with college fees, coaching fees, books , and transportation fees . 7 of our inspired students are employed now in TCS, Toyota, Hello kids Kindergarten etc.
  • Top 5 SSLC students of Govt. High School Doddanekkundi are honoured with cash prize on 15th of  August every year. Until 2022, 30  students received awards.

In addition to the above, from year 2017 onwards...

  • We are providing study space, where volunteers teach students ranging from grade 1 – 10 on various topics like school curriculum, logic reasoning, career counselling, art, Yoga etc after school hours.
  • Started arranging field trips for students with a visit to IISc on their open day
  • Began providing additional teacher support to Govt primary school

From the year 2018 onwards, we also started

  • Teaching science for class 6  Govt. School through fun experiments.
  • Teaching science for primary classes through volunteers
  • Helping primary school students with science projects.

From 2019 we included

  • Teaching English at Govt. Primary School, Doddanekkundi for classes 1 to 6 using digital content
  • Help set up Library in Primary school.
  • Started career guidance sessions for High school students.
  • Helped a few class 10 students do their basic computer course and undergraduate students complete job oriented course on Networking, JAVA program, Python, etc

From the year 2020 onwards...

  • We started supporting some deserved students studying at English medium private school with their school fees and transportation

The year 2021 onwards we also undertook

  • Providing teachers for gr. 1-3 to teach basic English at local Govt school
  • Facilitating spoken English learning sessions for young adults to improve their English speaking skill to build confidence for job preparedness.
  • Started collaborating with other NGOs with a similar focus

From the year 2022

  • We started facilitating vocational skill training to young adults. We started with Nursery Teachers Training course for 3 of our beneficiaries.