Our Journey so far..

In 2007, Vidyadhaara took its first steps when some residents of Ferns Paradise community came together to teach children of construction workers, under the gazebo of our layout’s park. We started helping children of our house-help on their homework. But what really propelled us to get involved with more children were the following requests by a child we knew and a teacher from the Doddanekundi Government School:

“Aunty, can I  come to your house every evening? I will sit there quietly, finish my homework and study for two hours. At my home, I do not have this peace.“

“Madam,  will you be able to help a student who has scored 85%+ in SSLC to study further – her family is unwilling to support her due to financial constraints?” 

It was then that we decided to support these needy children in a way that would make a difference to their lives.  Over the years, we came across enough self-motivated children who wanted to push themselves toward a better future.  We felt that it would be unfortunate to see bright minds getting wasted because of poverty or lack of encouragement. We had found our calling and Vidyadhaara Foundation was born with the help of a few like-minded friends and neighbors.

As the name suggests, the focus is on academic support for underprivileged children.

We had always known that Government schools take care of the most basic needs of students at no cost to the parents, up to the 10th grade level.  However, when a capable student takes his/her first step out of school, the family requires financial support and guidance to get the child to study further. Volunteers of Vidyadhaara Foundation decided that we had to step in at this point to help students achieve their dreams.  As a first step, we decided to work with the faculty and students of  Government High School, Doddanekundi, given its proximity to our homes.

Our volunteers initially supported 2 children in 2015 by funding all their college requirements – fees, books and travel. Since then, we have been supporting children in a number of other ways.   Here are some of our accomplishments and ongoing projects: 

  • Provided financial support to deserving students for their college studies, from 2015
  • Since 2015, awarded the top scorers in SSLC  at Doddanekundi High School with cash prizes
  • Have conducted a 3 month, basic literacy and general awareness program for our house staff, drivers, and layout staff in 2016
  • Since 2017, provided space and teaching support for class 10 students after school; we have been tutoring nearly 8-10 students out of a room at Doddanekundi village every year, and provided them with space to do school work without interruptions
  • Helped several class 10 students acquire basic computer skills, teaching them out of our homes, or by sending them to Vidya Foundation for courses
  • Fun day trips to IISc open day,  HAL museum, to the City with metro ride
  • Helped students get eye check-ups and funded their spectacles
  • Conducted a pilot program organizing science experiments for class 6 students in 2018-19, with kits provided by the Innovation and Science Promotion Foundation (ISPF)
  • Guided students to pursue studies after 10th as per their interest and ability