English Learning

The medium of instruction currently in most PU (Karnataka state board) colleges is English.  The children in Government schools are taught all subjects in Kannada medium until their 7th grade, and then given the option to continue their studies in English medium classes from the 8th. This creates a huge gap in their ability to learn any subject in English. This was abundantly evident when we started tutoring 10th grade students.

English Classes in Government School, Doddanekundi

In order to help these children do better during their 10th grade board exams, and continue further studies with confidence, Vidyadhaara volunteers are initiating an English Learning Program at Government School, Doddanekundi, Bengaluru. Through this program we aim to address the root cause – lack of fluency in English. The English Learning Program starts from 3rd grade and uses a variety of tools for instructions such as tab-based programs, workbooks, games, videos etc. We have partnered with Chippersage Education Pvt. Ltd. for the tab- based learning app.

Volunteers conducting English Class